Capturing the beauty of Nevada City & beyond.
Nevada City, CA

The Story Behind NCS

Hey there, thank you for stopping by for a short story behind Nevada City Scenics. First off, I’m Kial James, the photographer behind NCS. I aim to shoot picturesque scenes of downtown, small towns, surrounding areas and as you’ll see, much more. I love to capture the heart and soul of this small town in Northern California. My muse is the queen herself, the Yuba River. I take inspiration and solace from her, in return, I showcase her incredible beauty to the world for all to see our little slice of heaven and home.

Located in Nevada City, California, we are a small foothill, gold-rush era town; turned eccentric, thriving, organic farming, green producing-derringer-pistol shaped county. Just 60 minutes east of Lake Tahoe. Hope you enjoy the scenics. Oh, if you’ve read this far, thank you, as a small artist, it’s great to get support.

Learn my editing styling and create art the way your eyes see it vs. the way the camera picks it up.

A Love for Photography
The first time I started using film, eventually making the move to digital after sporadically dabbling with film and processing.

The Start of NCS
Did you know Nevada City Scenics was originally started as a online Facebook page? Since then, we’re now offering prints, calendars, home accent pieces and more.

Shooting for the Dream
By 2017, I decided to dedicate a large amount of my time and efforts to building Nevada City Scenics as a brand, moving beyond digital and offering prints, classes, photo walks and more.

Meet Kial + My Go-To Photography Gear

Kial James

PHOTOGRAPHER Howdy, I'm Kial, the photographer behind NCS. When I'm not pushing the shutter button, you'll find me behind the scenes pushing pixels and building websites and integrating my design skills (over 20 years in the field of design and marketing) with small-medium sized businesses. View my design page at


THE WORKHORSE My go-to camera for 95% of my shots. After using both Nikon and Canon systems over the years, I made the jump to the mirrorless Sony Camera systems. From Eye AF to size factor to dynamic range abilities, this 42 megapixel beast is unparalleled in the field of mirrorless cameras.

Sony 16-35 F2.8 G Master Lens

THE ULTIMATE LENS For landscape and architectural photography, there is no better lens in my opinion. Extremely sharp from edge to edge, this lens is incredible to use. Excellent performance for low light shooting including astrophotography, I also use this lens for events and when I want a nice wide angle shot that encompasses everything I envision for the shot. A personal favorite and the lens you'll most often find mounted to my camera.


CANON 70-200 F2.8 An extremely sharp lens that is great for wildlife, sports, landscape and portrait photography. Used with the Sigma MC-110 converter so the Canon lens can properly adapt to the Sony body.


TOOLS OF THE TRADE A good stable tripod is a must. For travel, I use a small carbon fiber Manfrotto ball-head tripod that folds up small and is lightweight. For on-site work, I opt for a Slik tripod with an extendable reach up to 6'3".

Location Request

Have a special location that is near and dear to your heart that is on public property? I'm always looking for new areas within Nevada County to explore and photograph.


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